Changing simulated conditions

Use the controller to simulate physical properties and functions of a BlackBerry 10 device, such as orientation, sensors, battery, location, and Near Field Communication (NFC).

Simulate proximity information

You can use the proximity simulator to test applications that use proximity sensors. For example, an application might use proximity to detect that a phone call is happening by checking the proximity of a user’s face. To set the simulated proximity, in the controller, click Sensors and adjust the proximity by dragging the Proximity slider. Changes take effect immediately.

Screen showing simulator's proximity sensor controls.

Simulate ambient light

You can use the illuminance simulator to test applications that use illuminance sensors. For example, an application might increase its back-light power if the light level is low. To set the simulated illuminance (the amount of light in the room), in the controller, click Sensors. Adjust the illuminance by dragging the Illumination slider. Changes take effect immediately.

Screen showing simulator's illumination sensor controls.

Set the battery's charge and temperature

To simulate changes in the battery level, in the controller, click Battery. Adjust the charge, the health, or the temperature of the battery by dragging the sliders. Click Charging to simulate charging the battery. Changes can take up to 120 minutes to take effect.

Screen showing simulator's battery charge and temperature controls.

Press device buttons

To simulate buttons being pressed on the device, in the controller, click Peripherals. The Buttons dialog box opens for you to press buttons for which your application can then respond. For example, a music application needs to respond to the media buttons.

Screen showing simulator's physical button and peripherals controls.

Simulate connecting an SD card

To connect a virtual SD card to the simulator, in the controller, click Peripherals > Mount SD Card.

To disconnect an SD card, in the controller, click Peripherals > Unmount SD Card.

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