Sample applications

The Push Service includes sample Push Initiators and push-enabled applications that you can use to learn how to develop your own server-side and client-side applications.

Push Initiators

The Push Service SDK includes low-level and high-level sample Push Initiators. You can run the samples to better understand how the Push Service SDK works, and to quickly access some of the features of the SDK with little or no development effort. For more information, see Sample Push Initiators.

Push-enabled applications

We include sample push-enabled applications in the following SDKs as separate downloads, along with documentation that explains how to configure and register the applications.

If your Android application uses Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) or Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), you can repackage your app for BlackBerry 10 devices and use the push technology of the BlackBerry Application Platform. For more information, see Creating Push-enabled Android apps.