Develop your apps

You can develop the server-side and client-side components for your app using a number of different frameworks and technologies.

Server-side apps

The server-side app sends HTTP POST requests to the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service on the web server listener port. The HTTP POST requests contain delivery parameters and the content that is being sent to the client-side app. The push requests generated by the server-side app must conform to either the WAP PAP 2.0 specification or to the BlackBerry push format.

For more information about writing a server-side app, see the documentation for either the BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK or the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK.

Client-side apps

On the device, the Push Service listens for and receives push content, activates the client-side application if it's not already running, and delivers the push content. You can develop an app that's designed to receive and handle push content. You can create a client-side app for BlackBerry 10 using either of the following platforms:

BlackBerry Native SDK

The BlackBerry Native SDK includes the Cascades framework. The Cascades framework contains tools and APIs that you can use to build rich apps using Cascades libraries and Qt libraries.

You can use the Cascades framework to develop a client-side app that listens for push content. For more information, visit the BlackBerry Native SDK documentation website.

BlackBerry WebWorks

BlackBerry WebWorks apps are standalone BlackBerry device apps that are built using standard web technologies, including HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript,and more. Once they have been packaged for use on a device, these apps follow the same security rules, configuration, and deployment model as any BlackBerry native app.

You can use BlackBerry WebWorks to develop a client-side app that listens for push content. For more information, visit the BlackBerry WebWorks documentation website.

Other platforms

Platform Description Sample
BlackBerry 7 and earlier Download the BlackBerry Java SDK Push Demo
Download the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK See the API Reference.

If your Android application uses Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) or Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), you can repackage your app for BlackBerry 10 devices and use push. For more information, see Creating Push-enabled Android apps.