Myriad is the default and preferred font for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, because it is designed for easy reading for most users. Your application can use other fonts, but you should use co-ordinated typefaces and be consistent.

Best practices

  • Use a font size of 21 pixels for normal text and 36 pixels for titles. You can use other font sizes, but avoid using any font smaller than 15 pixels.
  • Use the standard font width for general purposes. The semi-condensed font width should be reserved for places where there is limited space.
  • Use italic for emphasis. For example, you can use italic to emphasize a word, a short phrase, words in a foreign language that readers might not be familiar with, or titles of things or events.
  • Avoid underlining text, except when you are creating a hyperlink within a longer string of text.
  • Use a paragraph spacing of 2.5 times the font size. For example, with a font size of 21 pixels, use 53 pixels (21 x 2.5) paragraph spacing.

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