Focus on content

Create and present content that absorbs and engages users in a way that is similar to how movie-goers get drawn into the cinematic experience of a film. Manage the content with seamless workflow transitions.

This screen shows the Music application.

Make your application easy to use by taking intuitive action when users interact with the content. Instead of populating screens with UI components such as buttons and scroll bars, try to create an experience where users interact with the content itself. For example, when users tap an album, your application should display the list of songs in the album. Users should also be able to tap an album to open it instead of highlighting the album and tapping a button labeled Open.

You can place frequently used UI components on the main screen, but do so judiciously. Reserve the majority of the screen for users to interact with the content in your application. If you include a UI component, make sure that you give users an unobstructed view of the content. For example, display media player components at the bottom of the screen to allow users a clear view of the list of available songs.

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