Capitalization and punctuation

Consistency is the most important aspect of text capitalization and punctuation. You should pay close attention to the usage of particular terms, phrases, and abbreviations, and make sure they always appear identical.

Best practices

  • Do not use colons to terminate labels. Colons don't add any value when a label is adjacent to its UI component. Instead, vertically align multiple labels to the left, leaving space between the labels and the related UI components.
  • Avoid unnecessary end punctuation. Complete sentences end with a period, but short phrases and lists typically do not.
  • Avoid using all uppercase characters. Uppercase text can make users feel like you are shouting at them.
  • Use bold when you refer to an alias or user-defined name for an object. For example, when users delete a bookmark, the name of the bookmark appears in bold (for example, "Are you sure you want to delete World News?").
  • Avoid using ellipses (…) except to indicate truncated text.
  • Use title case capitalization for all UI component labels except check boxes, radio buttons, or labels that might read like a sentence. Capitalize the first word, the last word, and all other words except articles or prepositions with fewer than four letters.

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