Activity indicators and progress indicators

Activity indicators and progress indicators show users that their BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is performing an action, such as searching for items or connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Users cannot interact with these indicators.

If you can determine the duration of an action, use a progress indicator.

This screen shows a progress indicator.

If you want to show that your application is working but you cannot determine the duration of the action, use an activity indicator.

This screen shows an activity indicator.

Best practices

  • Always indicate progress when an action takes more than 2 seconds to complete.
  • Provide useful progress information. For example, if users are downloading an application, indicate the percentage of data that has been downloaded. Be as accurate as possible with the progress information.
  • For progress indicators, use concise, descriptive text to indicate what the action is (for example, "Loading data" or "Building an application list"). If an action takes a long time and you want to communicate what is happening at each stage, provide text that describes each stage (for example, "Downloading" or "Installing").
  • Use sentence case capitalization. Capitalize the first word and any other word that requires capitalization (such as a proper noun).

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