Product names and trademarks

RIM trademarks

Avoid adding trademark symbols to UI elements. Add trademarks to an About screen instead.

  • Do not alter trademarks (for example, use "BlackBerry" instead of "Blackberry" or "BB").
  • Do not use trademarks as nouns or verbs (for example, use "your BlackBerry smartphone is . . ." instead of "your BlackBerry is . . .").
  • Do not use trademarks in plural or possessive form (for example, use "BlackBerry smartphones" instead of "BlackBerries").

To view a list of RIM trademarks, visit

BlackBerry smartphone product names

  • When you refer to a specific BlackBerry smartphone model, use the full product name (for example, use "BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone" instead of "BlackBerry Torch").

To view a list of BlackBerry smartphone product names, visit

BlackBerry product names or component names

  • Use the full product name or component name at all instances.
  • When you refer to a specific version of a BlackBerry product, do not include "version" before version numbers (for example, use "BlackBerry 7").

To view a list of BlackBerry product names, visit

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