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Getting Started

Step 1: Register as a BlackBerry World Vendor

In order to develop for BlackBerryWorld and to stay up to date with all the latest information about the Built for BlackBerry program, register now to be a BlackBerry World Vendor.

Step 2: Sign your app

To start developing applications, you'll need to get a BlackBerry ID token and sign your app.

Step 3: Download tools and start developing your app

Check out our Developer Tool pages, where you can download tools, view API references, sample apps and documentation.

Adobe AIR Logo BlackBerry 10 Adobe AIR SDK

Note that following will not be accepted under this Program:
An app developed using a tool or template that automatically produces a significant portion of the features and functionality and that creates the same look and feel as apps previously submitted by a Vendor, Ported Android apps, and apps that launch a web page

Step 4: Submit your app to BlackBerry World

Once your BlackBerry 10 app is developed and tested properly, you will be able to submit your app to BlackBerry World.

Step 5: Request Built for BlackBerry testing

Applications submitted to the Built for BlackBerry program will be subject to a range of tests and evaluations which they must pass before receiving the Built for BlackBerry designation.

Visit developer.blackberry.com/jam/builtforblackberry and follow the submission process, or for more information on how to apply for Built for BlackBerry see the process section.

Have more questions?

Visit our online community and find out what other developers have to say about the Built for BlackBerry program.