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Built for BlackBerry Criteria


Built for BlackBerry apps and games bring the signature BlackBerry 10 experience to life for our customers.

Designed to keep our customers moving, apps and games submitted to the Built for BlackBerry program will be subject to a range of tests and evaluations which they must pass before receiving the Built for BlackBerry designation.

The Built for BlackBerry evaluation process begins after your app or game has successfully passed the BlackBerry World vetting criteria. Once submitted to the Built for BlackBerry program, your app or game will be reviewed by a testing team under the following criteria:

Games have specific criteria that will be evaluated as part of the testing process.


Your app needs to be developed using tools designed specifically for BlackBerry 10. These include IDEs or Frameworks that will compile an application that runs as an AIR, Native or WebWorks based BlackBerry 10 application.

Examples include:

Additional Frameworks such as PhoneGap and Appcelerator will be considered as long as they meet BlackBerry 10 UI guidelines and other Built for BlackBerry criteria.

The following will not be accepted under this Program:

  • An app developed using a tool or template that automatically produces a significant portion of the features and functionality and that creates the same look and feel as Apps previously submitted by a Vendor
  • Ported Android apps
  • An app that launches a web page