Payment Service

Payment Service

The Payment Service enables you to leverage a range of business models through the sale of digital goods within your applications. The Payment Service is easy to implement and provides end users with a fast, consistent, and secure purchase experience.

The Payment Service is flexible, and enables you to implement a variety of subscription and renewal options in your apps. For example, you can offer auto-renewing subscriptions, free renewals for a specified period of time, or reduced-rate renewals.

Supported Platforms

BlackBerry 10 PlayBook BlackBerry OS

Note: If you have an Android app that you are porting, here is some important information about in-app payment support.

BlackBerry World Vendor Portal

Offer Purchase Opportunities

The Payment Service APIs are easily integrated into your app as a library. This allows you to determine when and where the purchase experience will occur, without leaving your application.

To enable the Payment Service, your app must be distributed through the BlackBerry World storefront. The Payment Service provides you with the same revenue share available within BlackBerry World, across whatever payment type users specify in their BlackBerry ID.

The digital goods within your app are described and priced according to the pricing tiers presented in the BlackBerry World vendor portal. Within the vendor portal, you can manage and track sales of your app and its digital goods.

New ways to monetize your apps

Incorporate the BlackBerry Payment Service into your app, then upload the app with its digital goods pricing and description to the BlackBerry World vendor portal. The Payment Service manages all the technical and financials of payment for you so you don't have to waste time managing relationships or business terms with payment providers and coding for integration into each provider's solution.

A secure, fast and familiar payment solution for end users

The Payment Service provides a familiar, fast and secure purchase experience for users. Using their BlackBerry ID, they can apply various payment methods, including credit card, PayPal and carrier billing, towards the purchase of digital goods you define-all without leaving your app.

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