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When you add a new product on the BlackBerry World vendor portal, you are asked to enter short and long descriptions for your app, select a product category, and register a content rating. This information is used to help users find your app with the search features of BlackBerry World.

The BlackBerry World search engine works by finding all app names, vendor names, keywords, and short descriptions that contain the search term. If the term doesn't appear in the first 25 results, the search engine looks for the term in the application descriptions.

A few guidelines to keep in mind:

  • The search parameter is not case sensitive, so searching for “abc” and “ABC” will return the same results.
  • Spaces matter, so a search for “abc123” will not display an application called “abc 123” unless the term “abc123” is in the app name or description, or the vendor name.
  • Each search term is treated as a different word, so a search for “abc 123” or “123 abc” will display the same results.

Provide descriptions and keywords

When you add a new app on the vendor portal, you must add short and long descriptions of your app. You can also add keywords. The following points highlight requirements for descriptions and keywords:

  • The short description of your app must be less than 50 characters long in English. This description appears for the user when the product displays in a list, category, or search result in BlackBerry World.
  • The long description of your app must be no more than 4,000 characters long in English. This description appears when users view the product details in BlackBerry World.
  • Although you must add English descriptions (even if the app is not in English), you may also add descriptions in multiple other languages.
  • When you add descriptions for non-English languages, you must also add a name for the app.
  • Descriptions for your app must be added to the Default tab, but you may also add descriptions for separate device platforms (BlackBerry 7 OS and earlier, BlackBerry 10 smartphone, and BlackBerry PlayBook).
  • When you add descriptions for a specific device platform, the descriptions in the Default tab are not displayed for that device (the specific device tab content overrides any content in the Default tab).
  • If you add descriptions for a specific device platform, you must enter a name for the app at the same time. You can repeat the name used in the Default tab, or you can qualify the name with respect to the platform (for example, "My App for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet").
  • You can add up to ten keywords or phrases (per language and per device platform) in the Keywords field. This helps users identify your app during a search. This field has a maximum limit of 1000 characters total, 10 words, and a limit of three words per phrase.

Here are some tips for creating descriptions that provide inviting and useful details about your app:

  • Let users know if the content of your app is not in English (for example, “This application is available only in Spanish”).
  • Let users know if your application is a “lite” version or has a limited trial period (for example, “The trial period for this game will end in 10 days. Please upgrade to the premium version to unlock all levels”).
  • List features or requirements for your app (for example, if your app is a demo, requires a memory card, or requires Wi-Fi to run).
  • Inform users if your app is relevant to a small geographic area (for example, the distribution could be USA for an app that provides restaurant reviews for San Francisco).
  • Check your descriptions carefully for accurate spelling and grammar.

When writing your product descriptions, avoid the following:

  • Including "TBD" or "To Be Determined".
  • Including negative comments about another vendor or developer.
  • Criticizing BlackBerry or BlackBerry products.
  • Duplicating or copy another vendor’s description.
  • Including irrelevant keywords, or keywords for competitor names, products, or applications.

Choose the right category

When you add a new app on the BlackBerry World vendor portal, you select a category to help users searching for particular kinds of apps. You can only choose one category for each app.

Choose the appropriate content rating

The BlackBerry World content rating system is based on input from our carrier, consumer and developer partners to create a system that helps parents control the type of content their children can access.

When you upload your app on the vendor portal you must answer a series of questions about your content so that a rating level can be generated for you.

You cannot change the content rating manually if your app is in the Approved state. Please complete the BlackBerry World vendor support form to request a change.

There are four content ratings: General (G), Teen (T), Mature (M), and Adult (A).

General (G) is intended for all audiences and will include:

  • No violence.
  • No sexual content, situations and/or themes.
  • No profanity and/or crude humor.
  • No drug and/or alcohol reference.
  • No simulated gambling.
  • No user-generated content.
  • No social networking integration.

Teen (T) is intended for teen audiences and might include:

  • Mild or infrequent cartoon, fantasy and/or realistic violence.
  • Mild or infrequent sexual content, situations and/or themes.
  • Mild or infrequent profanity and/or crude humor.
  • Mild or infrequent references to drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Simulated gambling.
  • User-generated content.
  • Social networking integration.

Mature (M) is intended for mature audiences and might include:

  • Intense or frequent graphic cartoon and/or realistic violence.
  • Intense or frequent sexual content, situations and/or themes without nudity.
  • Intense or frequent profanity and/or crude humor.
  • Intense or frequent references to drugs and/or alcohol.

Adult (A) is intended for adult audiences and might include:

  • Extreme depictions of graphic violence, appropriate only for or legally restricted to persons of the age of majority.
  • Explicit references to drugs or alcohol, appropriate only for or legally restricted to persons of the age of majority.
  • Gambling, appropriate only for or legally restricted to persons of the age of majority.

Note: The difference between adult content and mature content is that adult content is legally restricted to the age of majority. BlackBerry World will not accept apps with graphic sexual content, graphic nudity, or hate speech.

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