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Prepping for the Web Exam

The following chart identifies the objectives and information covered for the specific topics in this exam. This chart is intended to help you effectively prepare for the test.

The exam will include 70-100 questions. The minimum passing mark is 70%.

Exam Section Weighting
Section 1: Application Design
  • Build an application UI in HTML and CSS (page elements, forms, fields, etc.)
  • Build application logic in JavaScript
  • Design responsive UI
  • Design an application using BB10 UI guidelines
Section 2: API Integration
  • Integrate application with BlackBerry features using WebWorks APIs (invocation, push, file transfer, BBM and PIM integration, notifications, etc)
  • Integrate application with BlackBerry features using HTML5 APIs (geolocation, sensors, storage solutions, multimedia,etc.)
  • Download and include third party extensions
  • Account for BB10 dependencies (webworks.js, ready event, etc)
Section 3: Configuration Document
  • Whitelist APIs and domains
  • Edit application metadata
  • Enable device capabilities
  • Set application permissions
  • Define invocation targets
Section 4: Mobile Web App Considerations
  • Utilize offline storage (local storage, app cache, web database, SQL, JavaScript offline storage APIs, etc.)
  • Package local resources
  • Respond to connectivity events
  • Manage application lifecycle (BlackBerry 10 application states, config.xml permissions, app loading process, etc)
Section 5: Previewing and Testing with Ripple
  • Set up a Ripple project
  • Test platform APIs
  • Emulate multiple platforms and devices
  • Debug using Web Inspector
Section 6: Packaging and Signing
  • Configure code signing keys
  • Set up paths in Ripple
  • Package and sign an app using Ripple and the command line tool
Section 7: Deployment and Testing
  • Deploy application to a simulator and device
  • Post-deployment testing of application
Section 8: Publishing to App World
  • Create a vendor account on the BlackBerry App World Vendor Portal
  • Upload and update an application on the BlackBerry App World Vendor Portal
  • Manage an application's elements (icons, screen shots, etc.)
Section 9: Localization
  • Detect current system language
  • Localize application content
Section 10: Resources
  • List and locate official BlackBerry resources for support