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Developing Applications using the BlackBerry 10 WebWorks Software Development Kit


This two-day course is designed for experienced HTML5/JavaScript/ CSS developers who wish to leverage their existing skills to create BlackBerry 10 applications.

Each course unit consists of an instructor introduction to a new topic, followed by hands-on walkthroughs in which learners will create, compile, package, and deploy code on their own system.

Who should attend?

HTML5/JavaScript developers needing to learn the fundamentals of WebWorks in order to develop and deploy BlackBerry 10 applications.

Course objectives

As a result of completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the current technical landscape as it relates to BlackBerry application development
  • Set up a development environment in order to create a BlackBerry 10 WebWorks application
  • Create, compile, and package a BlackBerry 10 WebWorks application
  • Deploy and test a BlackBerry 10 WebWorks application

Course modules, topics, and objectives

Module 1 – Introduction to Mobile Development

  • Differentiate the mobile development platform categories
  • Identify the options provided by each platform
  • Access online resources

Module 2 – Development Environment Setup

  • Set up a development environment, including the WebWorks Software Development Kit, device simulator, and Ripple emulator

Module 3 – User Interface Fundamentals

  • Review the WebWorks framework
  • Design a user experience for BlackBerry 10
  • Review the BlackBerry 10 UI guidelines
  • Use the bbUI toolkit
  • Create a new BlackBerry 10 WebWorks application
  • Debug with Ripple
  • Use Ripple Services
  • Implement bbUI Navigation
  • Deploy the application to a simulator
  • Debug the application on the simulator
  • Set the application icon and name
  • Implement system events and dialogs

Module 4 – Geolocation

  • Identify how different devices detect their geolocation
  • Add geolocation awareness

Module 5 – Local Data Storage

  • Web SQL database specifications
  • Version and data type issues
  • Create, retrieve from, and update SQLite tables

Module 6 – Consuming External Data

  • Retrieve and consume XML data
  • Parse JSON data using jQuery
  • Retrieve and consume JSON data

Module 7 – Application Deployment

  • Obtain and register code signing keys
  • Create and deploy debug tokens
  • Debug, package, and deploy unsigned applications
  • Sign an application
  • Detect a signed BAR file
  • Create a vendor account

Module 8 – Payment Service

  • Review of in-app purchases, digital goods, and subscriptions
  • Review the WebWorks Payment API