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BlackBerry Enterprise Developer Expert

If you want to learn how to design and deploy BlackBerry 10 apps in enterprise environments and get prepared for the enterprise developer exam, these four webcasts will help you get started. Each webcast also has a dedicated message forum in case you have any questions or comments.

In this first webcast, we'll explore the architecture required for designing and deploying BlackBerry 10 enterprise apps. Some of the topics we'll look at include the benefits and functionality of MDS and BES Push, enterprise network connectivity scenarios, as well as work and personal perimeters.

Design and Development Considerations
In this second webcast, we'll take a look at several design considerations for enterprise apps, such as IT policies, work perimeter APIs, and BES Push APIs.

Testing and Troubleshooting
This webcast includes an overview of how to properly set up a test environment for your enterprise apps. We'll also take a look at some important troubleshooting considerations and best practices.

Application Deployment
This final webcast details the BlackBerry Balance user experience, followed by an overview of ways to distribute and manage apps in the work perimeter.