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Prepping for the Enterprise Exam

The following chart identifies the objectives and information covered for the specific topics in this exam. This chart is intended to help you effectively prepare for the test.

The exam will include 70-100 questions. The minimum passing mark is 70%.

Exam Section Weighting
Section 1: Architecture
  • Describe the benefits and functionality of BlackBerry MDS
  • Describe the benefits and functionality of BES Push
  • Describe enterprise network connectivity scenarios
  • Identify the difference between BlackBerry World for Work and BlackBerry World
  • Explain the benefits of the work perimeter
  • Describe which apps and resources straddle both the work and personal perimeters
Section 2: Application Design and Development
  • Describe design considerations for enterprise applications and implications of IT policies
  • Describe work perimeter API considerations (file system encryption, share/invocation, etc)
  • Describe BES Push API considerations
Section 3: Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Set up a test environment with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, simulators, and mail systems
  • Troubleshoot an application by debugging locally and via BES
Section 4: Application Deployment
  • Describe the BlackBerry Balance user experience
  • Describe the different ways to distribute applications in the work perimeter
  • Create software configurations for an application and manage an application for deployment
  • Manage users and groups
Section 5: Resources
  • Identify key support resources and documentation, including but not limited to the BlackBerry Developer Support Forums, BlackBerry at GitHub, and the relevant documentation provided at developer.blackberry.com