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Prepping for the Native Exam

The following chart identifies the objectives and information covered for the specific topics in this exam. This chart is intended to help you effectively prepare for the test.

The exam will include 70-100 questions. The minimum passing mark is 70%.

Exam Section Weighting
Section 1: Researching the Platform
  • Explain the difference between native development and other platform development options
  • Explain how to write in Cascades using QML and C++
  • Identify hardware capabilities of BlackBerry devices
Section 2: Development Environment
  • Order and use signature keys
  • Set up a launch configuration
  • Configure target
Section 3: Application Design
  • Explain the BB10 UI guidelines
  • Understand the uses of Cascades UI controls
  • Choose appropriate level of APIs (JavaScript, C++, QML, etc.)
Section 4: Implementation
  • Instantiate a control in QML
  • Configure the bar descriptor
  • Connect controls with signals and slots using QML and C++
  • Develop the application logic in C++
  • Create shared projects
  • Arrange controls using layout objects
  • Create application menus
  • Create a navigation scheme
  • Integrate QML and C++
  • Specify animated transitions
  • Use list views to represent the data model
  • Handle user input
  • Reference custom QML files
  • Interact with remote data sources
  • Implement the orientation handler
  • Create custom signals and slots in C++
  • Create properties of objects
  • Create and use text styles
  • 9-slice images
  • Context menus
  • Invoke applications
  • Create BPS event loops
  • Use WebView
  • QSettings
  • Implement navigator life cycle events
  • Localize the application
  • Explain application sandbox structure
Section 5: BlackBerry Platform Integration
  • Integrate with key BlackBerry services, including Push, BBM, Payment Services, Scoreloop, Ad SDK, and PIM
Section 6: Debugging and Testing
  • Use debugger tools such as console.log, qdebug, and Slogger2
  • Test navigator lifecycle events
  • Test against alternate target devices
  • Test with platform services
Section 7: Publishing to App World
  • Sign an application
  • Add an application to the BlackBerry App World Vendor Portal
  • Upload and update an application in the BlackBerry App World Vendor Portal
  • Use sandbox accounts to perform live testing
Section 8: Resources and Support
  • Identify key support resources and documentation