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Frequently Asked Questions

Included below are some commonly asked questions about the BlackBerry Builder program. If you have a question that isn't included here, you can check out our message board or contact us using the form below.

Can I write the exam at my home or office?
No. To make sure the exams are secure, fair, and reliable, they must be written at an official test center. There are thousands of test centers located across the globe. For more information on scheduling an exam, visit the Get Certified section.
How can I get added to the BlackBerry Certified Builder group on oDesk?
You’ll need to create an oDesk account (if you haven’t done so already) and forward them your certification details via the credential management system. oDesk will validate your certification and then add you to the group. Check out the My Certifications section for more details.
How do I schedule an exam?
You can schedule, reschedule, or cancel an exam directly with Prometric, our certification partner. See the Get Certified section for more information.
How many questions are on the exam?
Both the web and native exams will include approximately 70 questions in multiple-choice (single-selection and multiple-selection) format. Specific information about both exams is available under the Get Ready section.
Can I bring notes and other resources with me when I write my exam?
No. All exams are closed-book. See the Get Ready section for more information about what to expect when writing the exam.
Why should I get certified?
Obtaining the official BlackBerry Certified Builder designation proves to peers, co-workers, colleagues, and customers that you know your stuff when it comes to developing apps for BlackBerry 10. You can reference this designation on your resumé or LinkedIn profile, which may help you stand out from the pack. We’re also planning additional incentives and perks for BlackBerry Certified Builders, so stay tuned for more details.
What is the passing mark for the exams?
To pass either exam, you must attain a minimum mark of 70%.
How do I view my certification status or send my certification details to someone else?
To view your certification status, you need to go to the My Certifications section and log into the credential management system using your Prometric ID and password. From there, you’ll be able to view your certification status, download your certification logos, and publish your credentials to a third party.
Do I have to be a BlackBerry Certified Builder to become a BlackBerry Enterprise Developer Expert?
Yes. You cannot obtain the BlackBerry Enterprise Developer Expert designation without first obtaining the BlackBerry Certified Builder credential. The Expert designation is an additional specialization on top of your BlackBerry Builder for Web or Native certification.
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