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Payment Service SDK 1.8 Release Notes

New in this release



Two new methods

DigitalGoods.get() returns a list of digital goods available for purchase in the application.

PurchaseHistory.get() returns the user's purchase history for an application.

Fixed issues

This section lists fixed issues for the Payment Service SDK 1.8.


If a BlackBerry device user installed an application on a device, and then removed and reinstalled, or upgraded the BlackBerry World storefront 3.0, the user was unable to initiate any in-app purchases in the application. The application threw an IllegalApplicationException, which suggested that the application was not installed through BlackBerry World. (1035550, 1028288)

After a user provided login information for a BlackBerry ID account and purchased a digital good, if the user attempted to make another purchase after the login session timed out, the application threw a PaymentException and displayed an error message. (976519)

If a BlackBerry device user tried to purchase a subscription item that had a free initial period and a paid renewal time, a purchasing error occurred. (1407867)

Purchase receipts were not sent after a successful purchase of a subscription item. (1420024)

If a user purchased a digital good by using a credit card or PayPal, the purchase receipt included a "Surcharge" line, even though a surcharge is not applicable for these payment methods. (1457218)

Subscription items that had a free initial period incuded incorrect information in the purchase receipt. (1563675)

After a user purchased a digital good in an application, the Payment Service did not return the associated license key and metadata to the application. (1651561)