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BlackBerry Messenger SDK Release Notes

Fixed issues

This section lists fixed issues for the BlackBerry Messenger SDK 1.3.


Users could not scroll to the OK and Cancel buttons in third-party applications while in landscape mode with the virtual keyboard displayed. Collapsing the virtual keyboard solves the issue. (1932211)

Attempting to register a third-party application resulted in a port conflict, and the following error: IllegalStateException: Field added to a manager while it is already parented. (1815374)

Known issues

This section lists known issues for the BlackBerry Messenger SDK 1.3.

BlackBerry Messenger SDK



If a user receives a shared content request from another user and upgrades their BlackBerry Messenger to version then accepts the license agreement without opening the BlackBerry Messenger SDK demo, the shared content message will not be received. (2037103)

Open the BlackBerry Messenger SDK Demo application and accept the end-user license agreement before opening the shared content request.

When a new contact invitation is sent, but the recipient restarts their device before the invite is opened, a blank entry for BlackBerry Messenger will display on the Home Screen drop-down menu on the recipient's device. (2033951)


If a user is viewing a contact's profile when the contact adds a profile box item and changes their status, duplicate profile box items are displayed. (2017451)

Impact: Multiple Profile Box items are displayed.

Close and re-open the contact profile.

BBMPlatformContact.getPPID() returns an empty string when it is called within BBMPlatformSessionListener.broadcastDataReceived(). (1938220)

Impact: All users are displayed as the same person.

Use BBMPlatformContact.getHandle() instead of BBMPlatformContact.getPPID()

BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator



Since BlackBerry World is not supported on the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator, the Invite to Download functionality cannot be tested on the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator.

Impact: You cannot test a BBM connected application on the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator.

Test the app on a BlackBerry smartphone.

Running simultaneous instances of the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator may result in frequent errors.

Register one BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator at a time for each application being registered.

The BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator cannot communicate with the other BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator instance and shows 'edge' in the top right corner of the Home screen.

  1. Launch one of the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator instances.
  2. On the Home screen, click Manage Connections.
  3. Clear the Mobile Network check box.
  4. On the Simulate menu, click Network Properties.
  5. In the Network Properties dialog box, select Default 3G Network (GSM) and click Delete..
  6. Click the Add button to add a new network.
  7. In the Choose network type dialog box, select GSM and click OK.
  8. In the Add GSM Network dialog box, in the Name field, type in a network name.
  9. In the MNC field, type 1638.
  10. In the MCC field, type 302.
  11. In the LAC field, type 0.
  12. Leave the MCC initials field blank.
  13. In the Network Type section, select 3G.
  14. Click OK.
  15. In the Network Properties dialog box, click Close.
  16. On the Home screen, click Manage Connections.
  17. Select the Mobile network check box.
  18. Check that 3G appears in the top right corner of the Home screen.
  19. Close the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator.
  20. In your simulator directory, delete all the files with filenames: sim*.dmp and sim*.bug.
  21. Restart the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator.
  22. Attempt to send an email in the simulator. If you cannot send, perform the following actions:
  23. On the Home screen, click Options.
  24. Click Device.
  25. Click Advanced System Settings.
  26. Click Host Routing.
  27. On the menu of the Host Routing Table screen, click Register now.

IllegalStateException ins thrown during a third-party application registration.

Impact: Unable to register the application.

Restart the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator