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Developing your own Push Initiator

The Push Initiator is an application that creates request messages (push request, cancel request, status-query request) and response messages (result-notification response) using the server-side library of the Push Service SDK, and then submits them to the PPG. The Push Initiator also uses the server-side library to process subscription-related requests (subscribe, unsubscribe, suspend, resume) that it receives from the the push-enabled application on the BlackBerry device.

Before you start developing your Push Initiator, consider the following:

  • Whether the Push Initiator will use the BlackBerry Internet Service, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the BlackBerry Device Service, or all three as the PPG.
  • The maximum number of push request messages that the Push Initiator might send to the PPG per day.
  • The maximum size of the file or content that the Push Initiator might include in a push request message.

To use the BlackBerry Internet Service as the PPG, you must register with Research In Motion, and users must have a data plan with their wireless service provider that provides a connection to the Wi-Fi network or mobile network.

To use the BlackBerry Enterprise Server or the BlackBerry Device Service as the PPG, a user must be activated on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server or the BlackBerry Device Service to receive push messages. In this environment, at least one instance of the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service in an organization's BlackBerry Domain acts as the PPG, and uses push technology to deliver push messages to BlackBerry device users.