Advertising Service

The BlackBerry Advertising Service will reach its end of life on June 16, 2015. At that time, the servers will be disabled and the Advertising Service API (Banner) will not work.

Developers should remove API calls to the BlackBerry Advertising Service before June 16, 2015. We recommend finding an alternate advertising service with support for BlackBerry, such as Smaato.

Best practices

The way that you display ads in your application can have an effect on the performance of the ads. When incorporating ads into your app, consider the following guidelines:

  • Place ads on the screens that have the highest amount of traffic for your application. For example, place an ad on a screen that appears when an application opens rather than on a screen that requires multiple clicks to navigate to.
  • Place ads in prominent locations on your screens, such as the top or middle of the screen, depending on the design of your application.
  • Avoid crowding ads with the rest of the content in your application. Ads should be clearly visible so that they are easier to interact with. Consider creating a separate ad screen or dialog box for the ad.
  • Display an ad at a suitable moment. For example, don't display an ad when a game is playing. Display the ad before or after a game. For other types of apps, display an ad when the user moves from one screen to the next, or when the user completes a task in the app.
  • Provide enough time for users to view the ad. Refresh ads every two or three minutes.
  • Keep the ad visible when the user scrolls down the screen in your application.
  • Follow the MMA guidelines to display ads at the appropriate size. For more information, visit the MMA Mobile Advertising Guidelines.

Last modified: 2015-04-16