Provides static functions to send SMS messages

Code Example:
<script type="text/javascript">
  blackberry.message.sms.send("hello world", "987654321");

  var listener = function (msg, from, date) {
    alert(from+" "+msg+" "+date);

  blackberry.message.sms.isListeningForMessage = true;

  if (blackberry.message.sms.removeReceiveListener()){
    alert("Listener removed successfully.");
    blackberry.message.sms.isListeningForMessage = false;

Supported Platform(s)

- BlackBerry OS 5.0+
- Ripple Emulator
View Supported Platform Table
blackberry.message.sms.addReceiveListener Y Y Y      Y
blackberry.message.sms.removeReceiveListener Y Y Y      Y
blackberry.message.sms.send Y Y Y      Y
isListeningForMessage Y Y Y      Y

Configuration Document Settings

To use all of the API described for this object, you must ensure the following settings are in your configuration document:

You must declare the feature element(s) below in your configuration document:

Feature IDBB5.0BB6.0BB7.0PB1.0PB2.0BB10Ripple
<feature id="blackberry.message.sms" /> Y Y Y      Y

Permission Elements (PlayBook and BlackBerry 10+)
This API does not require a <permission> element to be declared in the configuration document of your BlackBerry WebWorks Application.


static void blackberry.message.sms.addReceiveListener (listener: function(message : String, sender : String, date : Date))

SMS listener to receive a message when it arrives

Supported Platforms
 - BlackBerry OS 5.0+
 - Ripple Emulator

listener Callback function that is invoked when a new SMS message is received. Overwrites the previous callback.

message: The content of the SMS message.
sender: The sender of the SMS message.
date: The date of the SMS message.

static Boolean blackberry.message.sms.removeReceiveListener ()

Remove the registered listener. Return false if there is no listener

Supported Platforms
 - BlackBerry OS 5.0+
 - Ripple Emulator

static void blackberry.message.sms.send (message : String, address : String)

Static function to send out an SMS message

Supported Platforms
 - BlackBerry OS 5.0+
 - Ripple Emulator

message The text that should be sent
address Address where the message should be delivered to.


static Boolean isListeningForMessage

determine whether the message listeners are activated

Supported Platforms
 - BlackBerry OS 5.0+
 - Ripple Emulator

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