BlackBerry Plug-in for the Android Development Tools

New in version 2.0.2 of the plugin

Support for Android Studio

New support for the Android Studio development environment in addition to the previously supported Eclipse environment. You can launch the BlackBerry Android Development Tools from within Android Studio. This allows you to debug, sign, and deploy applications to BlackBerry 10 simulators, and devices.

Support for Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.

Support for the latest version of the Mac OS software.

Support for Java 7.

Support for Java version 7, which is the latest version of Java from Oracle.

Improved GUI version

You can launch the graphical user interface version of the command line tools quickly and easily, without having to open a command prompt. This is great when you want to quickly convert and deploy your Android applications to a BlackBerry 10 device.

New in version 1.6.1 of the plugin

BlackBerry ID token integration

To sign and publish your apps to the BlackBerry World storefront, you Create a BlackBerry ID token.

Support for Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2

Support for Android applications that target API level 10 and higher.

Android Development Tools for Eclipse version 22.0.5

The BlackBerry Plug-in for the Android Development Tools now supports version 22.0.5 of the Android Development Tools.

Click here for a detailed list of requirements, upgrades, and fixes.

Fixed issues for the BlackBerry Plug-in for the Android Development Tools

This section lists the fixed issues for version 1.6 of the plugin.


If you had the Java SE SDK v7.0 installed, you could not create or load a debug token for testing. (7183296, 7020505)

When a Target password prompt was canceled in the Android Development Tools signing page, there was a blank error. (5841959)

When you signed the .bar file of an app after deleting the existing signed .bar file, the resulting signed .bar file was generated with the incorrect author name and resulted in application deployment failure. (6721844)

When you deployed an application in the Android Player, you may have received the error ActivityManager: Warning: Activity not started because the current activity is being kept for the user. (6404004)

When deploying an Android application to a Wi-Fi target, the application was installed, however just after launch the error: “ Connecting <IP> to ADB failed” was thrown. (6334119)

When an Android application was installed using development mode, the Push Service for Android would not start with the rest of the Android framework. (6317491)

The Android Runtime did not start on the first attempt to Run or Debug an application from the Eclipse Plug-in when no Android applications were present on the device. (6285522)

When an Android application is deployed for the first time from the BlackBerry Plug-in for Eclipse, the application may take up to 60 seconds to deploy. In some cases it will fail to deploy. (6047053)

When a project was signed, the .Isv file was not generated, so the project could not be signed more than once. (6011873)

On Windows 7 64-bit, when a signed .bar file with an error was right-clicked, there should have been an option "Sign For AppWorld" under BlackBerry Tools. Instead, there was no option. (6001326)

While using BarUtils class, when extractManifestEntries() method was called, "java.lang.NullPointerException" was thrown at runtime. (5987559)

Eclipse froze during the invocation of the context menu on an Android project. (5841679)

On Mac OS, when an application was re-launched after disconnecting a debug session, the application froze. (5841437)

The Android application was not displayed if the previously deployed application was minimized and appeared in the thumbnail. (5794136)

When an Android application was deployed from Eclipse, the screen was blank. (5753961)

The ADB connection failed after Eclipse was idle for an extended period. (5705581)

If a .bar file and the corresponding .apk file were not in the same folder, the .apk file was not verified during .bar verification. (5609074)

When a signing error was right-clicked, Quick Fix was disabled. (5501452)

When the packager was used to convert an .apk file with an icon to a .bar file, the aspect ratio of the icon changed. (5548139)

When a repackaged .bar file was installed on the target device, an outdated OS version warning was not displayed if the OS version running on the target device was earlier than (2897190)

Known issues for the BlackBerry Plug-in for the Android Development Tools

This section lists known issues for version 1.6.1 of the plugin.

Issue Workaround

There is a known Mac OS and Linux installation issue, which prevents those users from accessing the plugin.

After users on Mac OS or Linux have finished downloading the BlackBerry plugin for Android Studio zip file, it must be extracted directly to the <your_android_studio_installation_folder>\plugins folder.

An error occurs when installing a signed bar from Android Studio. This error occurs when an unsigned bar of the same project was previously installed. (635601)

Delete the previous version of the unsigned bar.

The launcher for the GUI version of the tools does not work on Linux. (626155)

Use the stand alone command-line tools.

The launcher for the GUI version of the tools does not work on Mac OS. (622053)

Use the stand alone command-line tools.

When in Linux, an error is thrown when an attempt is made to obtain a BlackBerry ID token. Only Ubuntu is supported in Linux. (460526)

Create a BlackBerry ID token and save it in the \Research In Motion\ directory.

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