Configure target device

To test your Android application, you must use the plug-in to configure the device that you will perform the testing on. This can be your BlackBerry device or device simulator. You can configure a target device using the setup wizard or the plug-in preferences. The following steps show you how to configure the target device using the plug-in preferences.

  1. In Eclipse, on the Windows menu, click Preferences > BlackBerry > BlackBerry Tools SDK > Targets. Click Add to add a target.
  2. Complete the Device Name field, Device IP field and Password field.
  3. Click OK.

Switching to development mode

Before proceding, make sure to switch your BlackBerry device to the development mode.

  1. To switch to the development mode, on your home screen, on the status bar, tap Simulator gear icon which represents Settings.> Security.
  2. Set the User Development Mode switch to ON.
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