Software Features

The following software features are currently not supported, and usually do not work with BlackBerry 10 devices. If your app uses any of these features but you feel that it should still be functional on a BlackBerry 10 device, before submitting your app to BlackBerry World, fully test it to ensure that your app's usability and functionality are not affected.


Feature Description

Bundled code

Apps that utilize native code bundled into their APK file

Linux virtual file systems

Limited support for the Linux virtual file systems (/proc, /sys, and /dev)

Add on libraries

Add on libraries (all libraries defined by the tag in the app's manifest other than "android.test.runner" are unsupported)


Notifications posted by one application are narrowed down to only one text line - e.g. no support for notification layouts that include application actions

Thread priority

All threads are running with the same priority - setting individual priorities to threads is being ignored

Background service

Applications can run services only while the user runs them, either in fullscreen or in thumbnail mode

Activities while device is locked

No ability to show an activity above the device lock screen (WindowManager.LayoutParams.FLAG_SHOW_WHEN_LOCKED)

Accessibility APIs

No support for AccessibilityService and AccessibilityEvents


Android applications cannot participate in providing results to device-wide searches - SearchManager, SearchableInfo

Google accounts

No access to a Google account (Google authentication)


Contacts cannot be extended with application-specific data or actions


Backup (BackupAgent) of application data is not supported

Retrieving wallpaper

Retrieving the currently set wallpaper (an application can set the wallpaper though)

Java software packages

  • Google Maps (
    • Embedding MapView
    • Invoking the device's Maps application
  • TTS, VoIP, and SIP services
Live wallpapers Live wallpapers are not supported
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