Software Features

The following software features are currently not supported, and usually do not work with the BlackBerry 10 OS. If your app uses any of these features but you feel that it should still be functional, test it fully on a BlackBerry 10 device to ensure that your app's usability and functionality are not affected.


Feature Description

Add-on libraries

All libraries defined by the tag in the app's manifest other than "android.test.runner" or that depend on a library specified by <uses-library>.

Background service

Applications can run services only while the user runs them, either in fullscreen or in thumbnail mode.


No support for application data backup.


Contacts cannot be extended with application-specific data or actions.

Contacts Provider

The following Contacts Provider APIs are not supported:

  • Social APIs
  • Social Stream APIs


No support for the DreamService APIs used to implement DayDream interactive screensavers.

Google accounts

No access to a Google account (Google authentication).

Java software packages

The following Java software packages are not supported:

Linux virtual file systems

Limited support for the Linux virtual file systems (/proc, /sys and /dev).

Locked device activities

No ability to show an activity above the device lock screen (WindowManager.LayoutParams.FLAG_SHOW_WHEN_LOCKED).


Applications that use MapView from the Google Maps v1 is supported using OpenStreetMaps, however the following features are currently unsupported:

Multiplayer support

No support for multiple participants in games apps.


The following network features are not supported:


Notifications posted by an application are displayed using cards, but only text is supported.

OpenGL ES 3.0

OpenGL ES 3.0 APIs are not supported.

RenderScript support

The RenderScript framework is not supported.


Android applications cannot participate in providing results to device-wide searches using SearchManager or SearchableInfo APIs.

Third-party spell checkers

No support for third-party spell check services.

Third-party TTS engines

No support for third-party text-to-speech engines.

Thread priority

All threads are running with the same priority. Use caution when setting individual priorities to threads; doing so can negatively impact your app. For example, if a thread is given an inappropriately high priority, the app may not launch.

Voicemail provider

Voicemail provider APIs are not supported.


Live wallpaper is not supported.

Retrieving the currently set wallpaper is not supported. However, an application can set the wallpaper.

Wi-Fi Network Service Discovery

Unable to use Wi-Fi Direct and Network Service Discovery to discover services available on nearby devices.

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