Overview of Android API support

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When you test your app's compatibility level, the tools compare your app's features with the features available in the BlackBerry Runtime. The tool generates a warning for each unsupported feature that it finds. Warnings range from mild (level 1) to severe (level 5). Apps that receive no warnings higher than level 1 are considered compatible with the BlackBerry 10 OS. Apps that receive warnings of level 2 or higher are considered to be incompatible with the BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps.

You should test your repackaged app's functionality on a BlackBerry 10 device before submitting it to BlackBerry World. Apps that fail to meet BlackBerry quality standards are rejected.

In-app purchases are supported on the BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps through BlackBerry World, but not through the Android Market. We highly recommend that you modify your app to use the BlackBerry World in-app payments. Apps that rely heavily on the Android Market and that don't provide a good user experience without it are rejected by the BlackBerry World vendor portal.

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