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In-app purchases and item IDs

The BlackBerry Runtime for Android supports in-app payments through the BlackBerry World vendor portal. You can add your digital goods in the BlackBerry World vendor portal, and then offer them for sale in your apps. You can use the same ItemId value that you used in the Android payment system as your digital good's digitalSKU value. Using the item ID for your digital goods in this way means that users who purchased goods in the Android payment system can access them on their BlackBerry devices.

The Google Play™ service is not supported in BlackBerry Runtime for Android. If your app uses the In-app Billing version 3 API, you must reconfigure your project to use the In-app Billing version 2 API or earlier.

Things to know about adding in-app purchasing functionality to a ported Android app

  • You can test your in-app purchases by following the steps outlined in the support article called How To: Live Testing the Payment SDK with PlayBook Applications, which also applies to testing in-app purchases in BlackBerry 10.
  • Only one purchase can be made at a time. Concurrent transactions are not supported.
  • Refunds are not supported in the APIs.
  • Subscriptions are not supported. However, you can offer users an alternative way to buy the content that's available through subscriptions. For example, you could create standard in-app products (as one-time purchases) that give access to content that's similar to your subscriptions, but for longer intervals, such as a year.
  • Transaction responses are not signed, so they cannot be verified.

Transaction responses

In the BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps, transaction responses are not signed. If your app tries to verify the transaction response signature, change your app code to ignore this value when testing your app on a BlackBerry 10 device.

You can use the following code to programmatically test if your app is running on a BlackBerry device:


If the above check returns true, skip the code block in your app that verifies the transaction signature.


The Android payment system and the BlackBerry World payment system use slightly different terminology. The following table shows the differences between the names used in each system:





Managed transactions

  • Equivalent to Not Consumable transactions on the BlackBerry platform.

  • Can be bought only once.

  • BlackBerry World saves the purchases, and manages them in the event of a device switch.

Unmanaged transactions

  • Equivalent to Consumable transactions on the BlackBerry platform.

  • BlackBerry World manages purchased consumable items. The Android Market does not.

Optional developer payload


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