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Adobe AIR roadmap

A7 = 10.2 Beta

A5 = 10.0 Gold
A6 = 10.1 Beta

A3 = Beta (Feature complete)
A4 = Gold Candidate

  • Already released
  • Release Feature Date Status
  • A7 Update runtime Jun landed

    We're working with Adobe to bring version 3.5 of the Adobe AIR runtime to the platform. This update includes Stage3D support.
  • A7 BBM Jun landed

    The BBM API allows you to access the social features and functionality of the BlackBerry Messenger social platform.
  • Release Feature Date Status
  • A6 Keyboard Support feb landed

    Support for the new 720x720 screen resolution and physical keyboard integration.
  • Release Feature Date Status
  • A5 Bug Fixes dec landed

    General bug fixes and performance improvements. This is considered the Gold SDK
  • Release Feature Date Status
  • A4 Flash Builder 4.7 dec landed

    Tooling compatibility support for the BlackBerry 10 SDK for Adobe AIR to work with Adobe Flash Builder 4.7. This delivery will depend on the Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 release schedule.
  • A4 Bug Fixes nov landed

    General bug fixes and performance improvements. This is considered a Gold Candidate
  • Release Feature Date Status
  • A3 Share Framework sep landed

    Abillity to pick up platform actions for sharing content within an application's touch-and-hold context menu.
  • A3 Font size scaling sep landed

    Ability to retrieve the user-defined font size of the device and then apply it to your application's user interface. You can specify your application to automatically take on the system font sizes and have your application scale appropriately.
  • A3 Active Frames sep landed

    Provide a UI for your application while it is minimized. This can be a static image or it can be updated on an interval.
  • A3 Notifications sep landed

    Provide notifications for your application. These can be displayed in the integrated BlackBerry 10 notification box, or as a splat on your application icon.
  • A3 Text Sharing sep landed

    The integration of the share framework into edit fields. When you touch-and-hold text in a field, you will see the share actions, along with the default cut/copy/paste actions.
  • A3 Spell Correction sep landed

    The ability to tap on a misspelled word in edit fields and pick from a list of system provided suggestions.
  • A3 Merged Websites sep landed

    The Adobe AIR websites will be merged into a single site instead of having one site dedicated to the BlackBerry PlayBook and an additional site dedicated to BlackBerry 10. This will provide a single website experience for Adobe AIR developers.