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Test applications using FDT

In FDT, you can start your application in either run or debug mode.
  • Run mode: Your application executes but can't be suspended or examined.
  • Debug mode: Your application can be executed, suspended, and resumed. This allows you to examine, test, and debug your application
Before you begin:

Create a launch configuration

The process for creating a run configuration or a debug configuration are very similar. The following steps describe how to create a debug configuration.

  1. In FDT, on the Run menu, click Debug Configurations.
  2. In the list of configurations, right-click FDT AIR Application.


  3. Click New.
  4. On the Main tab, in the Main Class section, click Browse.
  5. On the Browse Classes screen, select your application's main class. Click Okay.

  6. In the Target Platform section, select RIM BlackBerry from drop down.
  7. In the Launch Method section, select the On device option.
  8. Select your BlackBerry device or simulator from the Target device drop-down menu.


  9. On the Common tab, in the Display in favorites menu section, select the Debug checkbox.


  10. Click Apply.
  11. Click Debug to start your application on your BlackBerry device or simulator.

Debug or run your application

To execute your application using a debug configuration, choose one of the following steps:
  • Click the debug icon; or
  • On the Run menu, expand Debug As. Click FDT AIR Application.
To execute your application using a run configuration, choose one of the following steps:
  • Click the run icon; or
  • On the Run menu, expand Run As. Click FDT AIR Application

The Console pane displays any debug output information. You can switch to the Debug perspective for a more detailed view of your debug session.