(Optional) The location of the icon image to use for the application

Parent elements:

<icon>, <splashScreens>

Child elements

Name Cardinality
text Any number


The <image> element specifies the location of the icon image to use for the application. The value is the path to the image asset (PNG or JPG file) from the application root path. The image size may vary depending on the device. You can also use the <text> element to specify different images for different languages and locales. For example, for PlayBook tablets, the recommended size to use is 86x86 or 90x90 images. However, for BlackBerry 10 devices, it is recommended that images be 114x114 in size.

The provided SDK icon is used when the value isn't set.


A CDATA value representing the image.




     <image><text xml:lang=”fr”>icon-90_fr.png</text></image>

      <image><text xml:lang=”fr”>splash-1024x600_fr.jpg</text></image>
      <image><text xml:lang=”fr”>splash-600x1024_fr.jpg</text></image>