(Optional) Specifies an asset that is used in the BAR file

Parent elements:

<qnx>, <configuration>

Child elements:

Name Cardinality
exclude Any number
include Any number


The <asset> element specifies an asset that is packaged in the BAR file. All assets passed on the command line override those that you specify with this tag. The text of the tag is a path relative to the bar package assets root directory. You can use the "dest" attribute instead to specify the asset. This is recommended when using nested <exclude> and <include> elements.


A PCDATA value representing the location and name of the asset(file).


Name Description Values Default
defaultexcludes (Optional) Specifies whether the list of exclusion patterns are applied to the directory tree.
  1. yes: Specifies to apply the exclusion patterns to the directory tree
  2. no: Specifies not to apply the exclusion patterns to the directory tree
The files in the BAR assets folder whose names match the following patterns are excluded:
  • **/*~
  • **/#*#
  • **/.#*
  • **/%*%
  • **/._*
  • **/CVS
  • **/CVS/**
  • **/.cvsignore
  • **/SCCS
  • **/SCCS/**
  • **/vssver.scc
  • **/.svn
  • **/.svn/**
  • **/.DS_Store
  • **/.git
  • **/.git/**
  • **/.gitattributes
  • **/.gitignore
  • **/.gitmodules
  • **/.hg
  • **/.hg/**
  • **/.hgignore
  • **/.hgsub
  • **/.hgsubstate
  • **/.hgtags
  • **/.bzr
  • **/.bzr/**
  • **/.bzrignore
dest (Optional) Specifies the destination path of an asset, which is usually the filename. Typically, the value is the last segment in the path attribute. None None
entry (Optional) Specifies whether to use the asset to start the application. Only one asset can be specified for each configuration.
  • true: Specifies that the asset to use to start the application.
  • false: Specifies that the asset is not used to start the application.
path (Required) Specifies the location of asset relative to the current working directory of the packager. None None
public (Optional) Specifies whether the asset should be located in the public directory of the BAR file which is readable by other applications. Application icon assets should be public
  • true: Specifies that the asset is in the public directory.
  • false:Specifies that the asset is not in the public directory.
type (Optional) Specifies the asset type. For example, for binaries use the value of Qnx/Elf. None None


    <-- Generic asset for your application -->
    <asset path="sample-splashscreen-landscape.png">sample-splashscreen-landscape.png</asset>
    <-- Asset to configure for a specific target. -->
    <configuration id="com.qnx.qcc.configuration.exe.debug.130584532" name="Device-Debug">
        <asset path="Device-Debug/GoodCitizen" entry="true" type="Qnx/Elf" dest="asset1"/>