BBM Social Platform

Take advantage of the social features of BlackBerry Messenger by using the BBM native extension to connect your app to the BBM Social Platform. Engaging users with this social aspect can increase the discoverability and stickiness of your app.

Leveraging the BBM Social Platform APIs from the Core Native platform, the BBM ANE provides access to the social features and functionality of BlackBerry Messenger, all from within your app. For example, you can:
  • Invite BBM contacts to download your app by accessing a user's BBM contact list
  • Update a user's BBM personal message, status, and avatar
  • Add a customizable application box to a user's BBM profile to broadcast achievements or provide updates
The BBM ANE provides an interface to BBM features such as:
  • BBM user profile
  • Contact list
  • Messaging
  • Application profile box

Download the BBM ANE from GitHub.