3.0.0-BlackBerry 10 SDK for Adobe AIR

Release: BlackBerry 10 SDK for Adobe AIR 3.0.0 Gold.

New in this Release: New APIs

qnx.fuse.ui.text.TextInputBase.forceLatinKeyboard: This property forces the keyboard to use Latin characters.

qnx.fuse.ui.text.TextBase.virtualLayout: This property will render additional visible lines as text is scrolled. Set this property to true when trying to render a large amount of text.

qnx.fuse.ui.text.KeyboardType: Added SYMBOLS, NUMBERS, and NUMBERS_PUNCTUATION properties to KeyboardType.

qnx.display.Viewer.sendMessage(): Added Viewer.sendMessage() method so client applications can send messages to viewers after creation.

qnx.sensors.LocationManager.getGeomagneticField(): Added LocationManager.getGeomagneticField() method to return the current magnetic field for a given location.

Fixed issues


Long pressing on a control with only the MultiSelect and DeleteAction action set will now show the context menu.


Added the full screen icons to the MediaControl.


Cards now resize correctly when rotated.


Fixed error that occurs when long pressing on a empty text input field and selecting "select" from the context menu.


Clear icon now centers vertically when the font size is not the default size.


TextInputBase default font size is now 8pt.


Fixed documentation errors with DropDown and Picker events.


Scrolling containers now adjusts scroll position when resized.


Rapidly clicking a DropDown or Picker no longer causes the button to behave incorrectly.


ToggleSwitch text is now vertically positioned based on the height of the control and not the height of the skin.


Updated disabled states of the buttons in the TitleBar component.


Multiple calls to Image.setImage() no longer displays the wrong image.


Right-to-left Label.htmlText now renders correctly.

240219, 242986

Running an Adobe AIR app in debug mode displays the host IP dialog when launching a debug session.


Update in example BlackBerry AIR Project in Adobe Flash Builder to correct build errors.


Fixed transparent pixel issue found in containers or lists that have shadows in the Black theme.


Fixed issue where spellcheck highlight wouldn't reappear after misspelling a word while correcting it.


ExpandableControl classes can now be rapidly closed when placed in a Container.


Adjusted right padding of the arrow in ExpandableControlLabelButton.


Updated to the scroll sensitivity on the List class.


Sliders in the MediaControl are no longer being clipped when dragged.


Updated animation timing for many controls.


Flash BuilderFlash Builder now shows correct version of SDK on Help > About Flash Builder > Installation Details.

Known issues

Setting application permissions using Flash Builder and FDT is out of date.

Workaround: Manually set application permissions in the bar-descriptor.xml file.

The BlackBerry AIR Project in Adobe Flash Builder sample project does not build.

Workaround: Manually add the QNX platform-specific ANEs to the project using the project properties.


Context menu items disappear when pressing down in the empty space between the last action and the delete action and scrolling up. This only occurs when there are more items than what fits on the screen. The icons return when the context menu is minimized.

Workaround: None.


The notifications area of the Hub constantly flashes the red LED when a notification such as entering Development Mode is sent.

Workaround: Wait until the blinking times out after 10-15 minutes, or turn the LED off in device Settings.


On a 64-bit Windows machine, the SDK installer points to C:\Program Files (x86). Projects created in previous versions of the SDK point to C:\Program Files, this could cause projects to import incorrect versions of the ANE files.

Workaround: Remove ANE files, and re-import them using the new SDK.


Flash Builder displays error messages when the Adobe AIR SDK is not version 3.4 even though the BlackBerry 10 SDK for Adobe AIR supports version 2.6 and higher.


After installing the BlackBerry 10 SDK for Adobe AIR, the SDK is not recognized on a Windows 7 32-bit computer.

Workaround: Launch Flash Builder with Administrative permissions. 

Deprecated APIs


showPasswordLabel has been replaced by the password masking toggle in the input control.


Use InvokeTargetOptions.UNSPECIFIED.