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qnx.system Summary



The qnx.system package encapsulates and exposes system, device, and application-specific properties. This includes battery status, PIN and software version information, and application-specific data.


 AudioInput The AudioInput class contains the constant that defines the audio input channel of the device.
 AudioManager The AudioManager class provides the interface for controlling the volume level for all connected audio inputs and outputs.
 AudioOutput The AudioOutput class contains the constants that define the output channels of the device (speaker and headphone).
 AudioVolumeControl The AudioVolumeControl class contains the constants that define the volume control types supported in the system.
 Device The Device class exposes many properties of the device.
 DeviceBatteryState The DeviceBatteryState class provides battery power state information for the device.
 FontSettings The FontSettings class exposes font settings of the device.
 QNXApplication The QNXApplication class contains application and system information, system-wide functions, and dispatches system events.
 QNXCover The QNXCover class provides access to app window cover related functionality.
 QNXCoverText The QNXCoverText class is used to specify the text rendered on the cover image.
 QNXSystem The QNXSystem class provides access to system-wide, system-specific functionality including power mode, system states, and system resources.
 QNXSystemPowerMode The QNXSystemPowerMode class defines constants for the powerMode property of the QNXSystem class that is used to control AIR player operation that affects power consumption.
 QNXSystemResource The QNXSystemResource class defines constants for the requestResource and releaseResource functions of the QNXSystem class that is used to indicate the need for various system resources.
 QNXSystemState The QNXSystemState class defines constants for the systemState property of the QNXSystem class that is used to indicate the operating state of the system.
 ShortcutGroup A ShortcutGroup allows you to register custom keyboard shortcuts and be notified when they are triggered.
 ShortcutManager The ShortcutManager class dispatches ShortcutEvent events for platform shortcuts.
 TLSVersion The TLSVersion class defines the constants for the maxTLSVersion property of the QNXSystem class.
 VirtualKeyboard The VirtualKeyboard class dispatches events when the keyboard is show, hidden, and when it's size changes.