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qnx.invoke Summary



The qnx.invoke package provides the ability to invoke applications, viewers and cards.


 ActionQuery A Vector of ActionQuery are returned in a InvokeQueryTargetEvent.
 CardPeekType The CardPeekType class holds constants for the CardPeekEvent.peekType property.
 FileTransferMode The FileTransferMode provides valid values for InvokeRequest.fileTransferMode and InvokeViewerRequest.fileTransferMode.
 InvokeAction The InvokeAction class contains a list of constants to be used with InvokeRequest.action and InvokeViewerRequest.action.
 InvokeManager The InvokeManager is used to launch other application and viewers, as well as determine how your application was launched.
 InvokeRequest The InvokeRequest class is used to invoke applications with the InvocationManager.invoke() method.
 InvokeStartupMode A list of values, which are used to determine how the application was invoked.
 InvokeTarget The InvokeTarget class represents a target on the platform.
 InvokeTargetFilter InvokeTargetFilter are returned in a InvokeTargetGetFilters.
 InvokeTargetOptions Options that can be used to specify the types of targets to return in a query.
 InvokeTargetType Specifies constants for the types of targets that can be invoked.
 InvokeViewerRequest The InvokeViewerRequest class is used to invoke viewers with the InvocationManager.invokeViewer() method.