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qnx.fuse.ui.events Summary



The qnx.fuse.ui.events package contains event functionality for all user interface components. This includes specialized event types for each of the list classes as well as event classes for media controls, toggle switches and sliders.


 ActionEvent The ActionEvent event is used to broadcast when an action has been selected from the ActionBar or from a UIComponent when interacting with the context menu.
 ContextMenuEvent A ContextMenuEvent object contains events for when the context menu opens and closes.
 DragEvent A DragEvent object is dispatched by draggable objects.
 ExpandableEvent A ExpandableEvent object contains events for controls that open and close.
 ImageCacheEvent The ImageCacheEvent class provides event functionality related to the caching and loading of images.
 ListEvent A ListEvent object contains list and cell renderer interaction events.
 MediaControlEvent The MediaControlEvent is dispatched by the MediaControl component.
 ScrollEvent A ScrollEvent object is dispatched by scrollable objects.
 SliderEvent The Slider class uses this event class to notify subscribers of slider events.
 TextEvent Defines events related to the text input controls.