qnx.fuse.ui.buttons Summary



The qnx.fuse.ui.buttons package contains the functionality used to implement buttons.


 BackButton The BackButton class is a standard button with "Back" as the default label.
 Button The Button class represents a common button.
 CheckBox The CheckBox class provides simple binary check box functionality for your application.
 IconButton The IconButton class enables you to place an image centered in a button:
 IconLabelButton The IconLabelButton class allows you to add both a label and an icon to your button.
 LabelButton The LabelButton class allows you to add a label to a standard Button.
 LabelPlacement The LabelPlacement class contains constants that define how a label is placed next to a skin or icon.
 RadioButton The RadioButton component lets you force a user to make a single selection from a set of choices.
 RadioButtonGroup The RadioButtonGroup class contains the functionality for handling a group of related radio buttons.
 SegmentedControl A segmented control is a series of connected radio buttons that enable the user to select a single item from a list of multiple items.
 ToggleSwitch The ToggleSwitch represents a button that has one of two states indicating the component is "ON" or "OFF".

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