Quick Facts

  • PYOPYO Studio has been developing on mobile devices since 2008 and developing on BlackBerry 10 devices since 2012
  • First BlackBerry 10 app, StarTracker, was launched in January 2013
  • Took only two weeks to port their native BlackBerry 10 app using C++/OpenGL-ES
  • StarTracker received more than 3200+ 5 star reviews, 2800+ of which received from December 2013 to February 2014
  • StarTracker was selected as one of "The Best of 2013" for BlackBerry World
  • 80% of company's revenue from BlackBerry World

Company Background

PYOPYO Studio's mission is to deliver the best possible user experience on a mobile device, from smooth and responsive controls, to an easy-to-use user interface and beautiful graphics. The company, which is based in China, has been developing apps for the iOS, Android and BlackBerry® platforms since 2008. PYOPYO launched their first BlackBerry® 10 app, called StarTracker, in January 2013.

The Challenge

In December 2012, PYOPYO Studio began porting StarTracker, a multi-platform stargazing app, to the BlackBerry® 10 platform. StarTracker was developed using BlackBerry's user-friendly native Software Development Kit (SDK) that supports many open source and cross-platform frameworks while allowing developers to create their own signature look and feel.

"We were inspired by the full keyboard experience that BlackBerry provides," said Weibin Pan, StarTracker's app developer. "We started by evaluating the possibility of porting StarTracker, which is based on C++/OpenGL-ES from iOS to BlackBerry 10, and found that its native SDK would be supported very well." The app was ported in just two weeks. The company, however, did not have a physical device to test the app.

The Solution

The BlackBerry® 10 Device Simulator allows app developers to load and test apps as well as access most of the features that they would find on a physical device. Since StarTracker operates based on a motion sensor, PYOPYO Studio used a sensor simulator to test the app on the BlackBerry® 10 Device Simulator.

In addition, the company also attended the BlackBerry® "Port-A-Thon" event in Shanghai, an event where developers would be able to earn cash by porting their apps onto the mobile platform. PYOPYO Studio tested the app on a physical device and was able to fix any issues that they encountered with the app - thanks in part to support from BlackBerry China. The company also fine-tuned the app's motion sensor and graphics performance to ensure that StarTracker produced high quality graphics and fluid motion sensing.


"The app development tools are extremely easy to use." - Weibin Pan, StarTracker's app developer.

StarTracker was launched in January 2013 and has been a huge success in the BlackBerry® market. It has garnered more than 3200 5-star ratings to date (as of Feb 2013). In terms of good accolades, the app was selected as one of "The Best of 2013" for BlackBerry World, as well as "The Best Blackberry Education App Of 2013" by PYOPYO Studio is planning to expand StarTracker's features in the near future, adding a meteor display and guide, detailed information on stars and constellations, and the ability to capture screenshots for social media sharing.

"BlackBerry's native SDK is the best SDK that I've ever used," said Pan. "I'd recommend it to all developers to try." Pan also expressed his love for the BlackBerry user community, "BlackBerry users are really enthusiastic about asking questions, leaving reviews, providing suggestions or even thanking us for developing the app."

PYOPYO Studio has five other apps for the BlackBerry® 10 platform in development, and currently, 80% of the company's revenue is from BlackBerry® World™.

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