Inspira Solusi

Quick Facts

  • Inspira Solusi started in October 2011
  • Soccer Ticker, a first-on-BlackBerry 10 app, is the Indonesia winner, as well as Developers' Choice category, for BlackBerry JamHack Asia Pacific 2012
  • For six months from launch, Soccer Ticker saw a month-to-month average growth of 450%
  • As of December of 2013, Soccer Ticker was downloaded more than 100,000 times

Company Background

Inspira Solusi is a startup founded in 2011 that provides online services such as web design, SEO and software application development. In 2012, the company beat out other Asian developers to win BlackBerry's JamHack Asia Pacific for its Soccer Ticker app. The app, which aims to be the go-to platform for all things soccer, was launched in the two weeks following the win.

The Challenge

Soccer Ticker was created as a digital platform for users to "do" football, unlike other soccer apps in the market that merely collate information scoured from the Internet. Initially, going into an extremely competitive market of other more established soccer apps was a daunting challenge for Inspira Solusi. The team knew they needed to deliver a rich, engaging app in a very short amount of time.

"We wanted to build a product where end users, content owner license holders and brands could be involved and benefit from it together," said Vincent Putera, creative director of Inspira Solusi. "It's a huge task, but we're excited to see it through."

The Solution

Soccer Ticker's developers decided to utilize the Cascades framework, part of the native BlackBerry® 10 Native SDK, for the quick creation of a visually engaging but robust app. With a visual interface that allows for instant previewing of QML code changes, Cascades became a fast favourite of Vincent and his team to design, develop and build Soccer Ticker quickly.

Inspira Solusi managed to complete Soccer Ticker in time for the BlackBerry® Jam Hack Asia Pacific 2012, an app-building competition that attracts over 1,000 participants from 10 different cities. Soccer Ticker was a crowd favourite at the event, walking away with multiple awards. This gave the app the kick start it needed and has since grown and been ranked number one globally in the Sports: Football & Soccer category.

They recently won another app-building competition, Asia Pacific's AngelHack Startup Challenge, purely from their work with Cascades. "In terms of development, Cascades is definitely a joy," said Putera. "It has become our default tool of choice to develop something solid and beautiful, while being fast at the same time."

Maintaining a high level of quality for their app has also been key to Soccer Ticker's success, even outlasting some of their competitors in the BlackBerry® app market - partly thanks to the support they have been receiving. "Resources and support from BlackBerry are conveniently available for developers," added Putera. "We've gotten to know the BlackBerry folks a lot better over the past 6 months."


"Our apps are available for free on BlackBerry World, but the intangible values from BlackBerry World have been immense." - Vincent Putera, creative director of Inspira Solusi.

For the first six months since Soccer Tracker was launched, the apps month-to-month average growth rate was around 450%.

"In terms of user adoption, we're seeing validation and a surge of downloads as a result of the aforementioned exposure," said Putera. "Winning the BlackBerry JamHack Asia Pacific Awards in 2012 was the catalyst to our success thus far and that journey is still ongoing."

Soccer Tracker, which has received more than 50,000 downloads to date, has been featured in over 30 media outlets, including television and radio, mainstream and special interest print media, as well as reviews by numerous media online.

The company is also planning to develop more apps targeted to females, general and family audiences. "Currently, we only have Soccer Ticker and Gadgetan, but I can tell you right now that all our future apps will be available on the BlackBerry 10 platform, and some would even be developed on this platform first," said Putera.

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