Start here to use the BlackBerry Native SDK for Tablet OS to create visually stunning, high-performance apps or to port an existing app. Then browse the Getting Started Guide to learn how to configure your environment and read tutorials on creating your first app.

Want the SDK for Mac or Linux instead? Need a previous version?

Start with the SDK

Download the installer.

Double-click the installer file and follow the instructions.

For more instructions about the BlackBerry Native SDK for Tablet OS, go here ›

BlackBerry Native SDK 2.1

BlackBerry Native SDK 2.1 for Windows (621 MB)

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A nice IDE is always good

Launch the QNX Momentics IDE by using the BlackBerry Native SDK shortcut created by the installer. In the IDE, click Window > Preferences, select BlackBerry, click BlackBerry Deployment Setup Wizard and follow the steps.
For more instructions, see the Set up documentation ›


And a Simulator to test the result

If you don't have a BlackBerry PlayBook on hand, you can use the BlackBerry Tablet Simulator to test your application. The BlackBerry Tablet Simulator allows you to run your applications on your computer as you would on a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

For more information on downloading the virtual machine player installing and configuring the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet Simulator, click here.

BlackBerry Tablet Simulator 2.1

BlackBerry Tablet Simulator 2.1 for Windows (262 MB)

Checksum (MD5)