The Scoreloop SDK and the Scoreloop API server

The Scoreloop SDK consists of a set of APIs that is implemented on client devices and is the basis for integrating Scoreloop’s social features into game applications.

The SDK talks to the Scoreloop API Server, running on a high availability server farm that is maintained 24/7 by the Scoreloop operations team.

Scoreloop has its roots in providing state-of-the-art server-side technology. The security we employ to ensure the integrity of our platform results from our expertise in high volume server infrastructure, deployment, and maintenance. Beyond security, our servers themselves are completely technology agnostic. This means that any device that has Internet access, such as smartphones or tablets, can connect.

The figure below shows how Scoreloop (the Scoreloop SDK and the Scoreloop API Server) fits into your game application.

Diagram showing how Scoreloop fits into your game application.

Information, such as user details and game scores, are sent from client devices to the server. The server then manages processes such as updating user profiles, score comparisons, and score sorting. Communication between the clients and the servers is managed by a set of data controllers.