Integration guides

A good place to find out how to integrate the Scoreloop SDK is in the accompanying integration guides.

The guides provide information about how to integrate the Scoreloop features into your application, and give practical assistance in the form of use cases that show basic usage and implementation.

You must call the Scoreloop APIs exclusively on the main thread (a.k.a. the UI thread). The API is designed to be asynchronous and uses an internal worker thread for its communications with the Scoreloop server so that the main thread will not be blocked even though the API call is in progress. When a request is ready, the callback methods are also called on the main thread (via your BPS event loop), so that you can immediately update the UI or invoke additional Scoreloop API calls.

Note that Scoreloop APIs that use verbs such as "request", "load", "update", or "submit", are asynchronous in nature and will trigger a callback. Scoreloop APIs that use methods such as "getXXX", operate only on data that is available (for example, as part of a previous server request).