Deploy your application

Depending on the environment you choose, you should consider certain factors when you deploy to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet or the simulator. At a minimum, you need signing keys and debug tokens to verify the authorship of your application to the BlackBerry Tablet OS and to BlackBerry World. For more information on signing and debug tokens, you can look here.

If you are using the QNX Momentics IDE, you can launch your application from within the environment. You also have access to the powerful code coverage, profiling, and memory analysis features of the IDE.

If you are building your application using makefiles outside of the QNX Momentics IDE or using the GNU Autotools, you can run blackberry-deploy from the command line to launch your application on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet or the simulator. An example of an automated script that uses blackberry-deploy is included with the SDL multimedia library, located here.