Before you begin

Before you get started, make sure that you've set up your development environment correctly, you have a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet or BlackBerry Tablet Simulator ready for testing, and you've created a project in your workspace using the BlackBerry Tablet OS OpenGL ES 1.1 Application Template Project. The Getting Started Guide has all the information you need to get these things configured.

Configure your project

To illustrate how the virtual keyboard works, your QNX Momentics IDE project must include the math library and statically link in the BlackBerry Platform Services (BPS) library. The math library is required only for the purposes of this tutorial.

  1. In the Project Explorer view, right-click your project and click Properties.
  2. In the left-hand navigation pane, click C/C++ Build > Settings.
  3. On the Tool Settings tab, click QCC Linker > Libraries.
  4. In the Libraries section, add the following entry: m
  5. Click QCC Linker > Extra Options and verify that the following entry exists for QCC Options: -Bstatic -lbps -Bdynamic