BlackBerry PlayBook OS User's Guide

The BlackBerry PlayBook OS User's Guide is intended as background material for people developing apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook OS.

This guide tells you how to:

  • Use the BlackBerry PlayBook OS runtime environment. Think of this guide as the companion how-to doc for the Utilities . Assuming there's a system prompt waiting for input, this guide is intended to help you learn how to interact with that prompt.
  • Perform such traditional system administration topics as security, etc.

Although there aren't many opportunities for a system prompt on a BlackBerry device, this guide may still provide useful information about the QNX Neutrino RTOS that the BlackBerry PlayBook OS is based on.

The following table may help you find information quickly:

To find out about: Go to:
How BlackBerry PlayBook OS compares to other operating systems Getting to Know the OS
The basics of using the keyboard, command line, and shell (command interpreter) Using the Command Line
Files, directories, and permissions Working with Files
How to edit files Using Editors
Creating your own commands Writing Shell Scripts
The filesystems that BlackBerry PlayBook OS supports Working with Filesystems
Analyzing and improving your machine's performance Fine-Tuning Your System
How many processes, files, etc. your system can support Understanding System Limits
Samples of profiles, etc. Examples
Terms used in this document Glossary

For information about programming in BlackBerry PlayBook OS, see Get Programming with the BlackBerry PlayBook OS and the BlackBerry PlayBook OS Programmer's Guide .