Launch an application

To run a program on your target system, you need to create a launch configuration.

It consists of various settings that affect how the program starts, such as various parameters and environment variables. You enter these once, and then you can use this collection of settings again and again. You can choose from two configuration types for your BlackBerry Tablet OS project: Run As and Debug As, and you can choose to set the active type to use either the Simulator, or the Device-Release or Device-Debug.

Now create your own launch configuration: right-click on a binary in Project Explorer and select Run As > BlackBerry Tablet OS C/C++ Application Dialog (or Run As > BlackBerry Tablet OS C/C++ Application if one was created previously):

You will now be presented with many configuration possibilities that all deal with starting your executable program. Right now, only the Main tab requires your input. Later, however, you should also take a look at what the other tabs have to offer.

For the Build configurations field, you'll want to choose from the currently active configurations.

Make sure your target system is listed under Target Options, and then click Apply—the launch configuration is now ready. If no target is listed, click Add New Target to set up a new one.