Create the sample Native SDK application

Falling Blocks is a simple sample that demonstrates how the BlackBerry Platform Services library is used to obtain screen context, accelerometer updates, touch and gesture events.

To create and build the Falling Blocks sample Native SDK application:

  1. Launch the IDE.
  2. Change to the C/C++ perspective.
  3. Click File > New > Example.
  4. Click BlackBerry Tablet OS Example Project - Falling Blocks and click Next.
  5. Click Next, and then click Finish.
    If your environment hasn't been previously configured to deploy applications to your device, the BlackBerry Tablet OS Deployment Setup Wizard will launch to help walk you through the configuration required.
    Next, you will build the sample Native SDK application. The project contains three build configurations, one for the Simulator, one for the Device-Debug and one for Device-Release.
  6. To specify the active configuration (the configuration used to build the application), select Project > Build Configurations > Set Active, and then select the configuration to use for your application.
  7. To build your project, right-click on the project in the Project Explorer view, and then select Build Project.