Package and deploy your app using the QNX Momentics IDE

The BlackBerry Tablet OS Deployment Setup Wizard walks you through configuring your environment for creating applications and deploying them to your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

The wizard launches automatically when you create a project for the first time or if you hadn't previously configured your environment for deploying applications. If you need to launch the wizard manually, you can do so from the IDE.
To launch the BlackBerry Tablet OS Deployment Setup wizard:
  1. In the IDE, complete one of the following steps based on your development environment:
    • On Windows computers, select Window > Preferences .
    • On Mac OS computers, click Momentics > Preferences
  2. Expand BlackBerry Tablet OS, and then select Signing.
  3. Click BlackBerry Tablet OS Deployment Setup Wizard.
  4. After the wizard launches, follow the steps in the wizard to configure your environment for deployment.