Create and upload a debug token in command line to your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

You can create and upload a token via command line if you choose to work outside of the QNX Momentics IDE.

A debug token is required on your device to run unsigned applications. Before you complete these steps, ensure that you first complete the following steps:
  • Request permission to sign BlackBerry Tablet OS applications by completing the web form at
  • If you connect to the Internet through a proxy server, you must specify additional command-line options to contact the RIM Signing Authority. For more information about using a proxy server in the command line, see Using a proxy server in the command line.

You can find the blackberry-debugtokenrequest tool in the usr/bin subfolder where you installed the BlackBerry Native SDK for Tablet OS. To make it easier to run the blackberry-debugtokenrequest tool, add the path to the usr/bin subfolder where you installed the Native SDK to the PATH environment variable for your operating system.

  1. If you already configured your computer for creating debug tokens when you configured application signing, go to step 2. Otherwise, use the blackberry-debugtokenrequest tool to register with the RIM Signing Authority using your PDBT .csj registration file for creating debug tokens. In the -storepass parameter, you must specify the keystore password. In the -csjpin parameter, you must specify the registration PIN you entered in the PIN field on the web form when you requested permission to sign applications. You should perform this command only once.
    blackberry-debugtokenrequest -register -csjpin <PIN> 
        -storepass <KeystorePassword> <DebugTokenCSJFile>  
    You can also configure your environment for signing by including the RDK .csj registration file in the blackberry-signer command.
  2. Create a debug token for your device. Provide the following values for the command-line options:




    The keystore password that you specified when you registered with the RIM Signing Authority


    The PIN of the device on which you want to install this debug token. For example,-devicepin12A34B56C .

    To find the PIN of a device, tap the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the Home screen on your device, and then tap About. In the View information about your tablet field, select Hardware, and record the value from the PIN field

    The file name of the debug token you want to create. The debug token file must end with .bar extension. If you specify the name of an existing file, the blackberry-debugtokenrequest tool deletes the file before the tool creates the debug token

Example: blackberry-debugtokenrequest command line

blackberry-debugtokenrequest -storepass <KeystorePassword> 
-devicepin<PIN device 1> -devicepin <PIN device 2> 
-devicepin <PIN device n> <>